Our Journey to Goatpath

SVP of Product, Alex Considine Tong gives us insight into the world of Product Management, Development and Product Design and our journey to Goatpath.

A bit about me

Hi! I’m Alex and I lead all things Product at Goatpath: Product Management, Product Development and Product Design. We have a great team here that I am proud and lucky to lead.

I have been working in Product for almost my whole career, as I was lucky enough to be exposed to the idea of Product Management in its nascency in the UK. Since then I’ve worked across a wide range of technology products in multi-national organisations, but what has kept me consistently interested and passionate about Product is the power of the Product Development Lifecycle and how you can use this to take an idea through validation, design, build, launch and iterate, all the while ensuring that you meet your customers’ needs, and hopefully innovate with new technology along the way.

To me, product leadership isn’t just about product excellence. It is about enabling your peers to strive for, and achieve, their goals via clear strategy and execution, via an understanding of your market, your competitors and understanding your customers’ pain points. True product leadership enables all teams, across both technical and commercial functions via communication, collaboration and the championing of data-driven decision making, so that the products developed are intuitive and deliver meaningful outcomes to users and customers.

Since joining SoftwareOne in 2020 I have worked on a number of product and service offerings, and in doing so I have had the privilege to engage with thousands of customers and colleagues. Having this direct access to our internal and external stakeholders opened my eyes to what could be achieved by building new, innovative products that help our customers overcome the challenges they face around digitally, commercially and technically transforming their businesses. And so Goatpath was born!

At Goatpath we are creating new innovative products, platforms and solutions that will radically change the way organizations buy, sell and manage software, cloud and services and I feel very fortunate to be leading our product team on this exciting journey.

Breaking new ground with Goatpath

So let’s talk about Goatpath, and the question I’m asked the most: “Why the name Goatpath?”. For us the name Goatpath speaks to our sense of upward momentum: we are willing to tackle difficult problems and find the fastest, most simple way forward, even when, or especially when the path is not clear. We are nimble and responsive to change, and we would like to think we are tenacious, so the name Goatpath was a good fit for our new brand.

Now that a bit clearer, let’s focus on what Goatpath actually is and does! SoftwareOne has been in the software and cloud space for over 30 years. We have over 65,000 customers and have built a wealth of knowledge and experience through supporting our customers. We have taken those learnings and applied them to the new products and underlying platform we are developing in Goatpath. Our vision is to be a software product company that continuously breaks new ground in an evolving digital world, and it is our mission to empower our customers to automate and govern their software and cloud investments through intuitive products they love to use.

At the moment, Goatpath’s main focus is to revolutionize how software is bought, managed and sold. We want to provide our customers with an intuitive ecommerce marketplace where they can quickly and easily purchase the software and cloud subscriptions they need, at the best price. We will offer intelligent recommendations that make it easy to self-serve knowing they are purchasing the right software, from the right publisher, on the right contract. We will also continue to offer personalised support via real licensing and software usage experts. With Goatpath Marketplace it is easy to manage cloud subscriptions and adjust license counts, independently or with the help of a SoftwareOne expert, according to each customers’ needs and preferences.

Goatpath Marketplace will also revolutionise our partners’ experience and offer them new routes to market. By ensuring that integrating with our platform is quick and easy, we can support our partners to accelerate their business growth and reach new markets and new customers more easily.

Join us

Culture and Values were what drew me to SoftwareOne and Goatpath and what keeps me here. Our relentless attention to employee satisfaction, integrity and customer focus in particular make me proud to lead Product at Goatpath. We are growing rapidly and have a number of open opportunities, so if you are interested in making a change and working in an environment where values matter, visit our careers page and apply!